NCAA enforcement process addressing name

NCAA enforcement process addressing name This is why it came as a shock for fans and experts all around when both the Sooners and Longhorns informed their respective Big 12 Conference on their intentions of leaving to join the Southeastern Conference. Understanding The Decision and Motives Varying conditions and other reasons of force finally tipped the scale in favor of the two biggest schools in the Big 12 Conference to accept the invitation from the SEC to join them as of 2025, once their deal with the Big 12 Conference expires.

While scarce fan attendance for conference related games, recruiting methods and results and court rulings regarding athletes’ image and likeness rights and profitability have all come into play, their main reason for leaving the Big 12 in favor of the SEC is one regarding TV media rights.

In their current deal each school of the conference would be making a rough estimate of around $37 million dollars per season, a number that does not satisfy Texas and Oklahoma’s desires. By joining the SEC, both schools would be gaining around $45 million per season, given the contract that the SEC signed exclusively with ESPN, starting in the year 2024.

Recruiting Will Become a Whole New Game

Schools like Texas and Oklahoma have always been perennial powerhouse programs who usually have top picks when it comes to yearly recruiting classes, but going from the Big 12 conference to the SEC might end up causing a massive shake up in the recruiting panorama for years to come.

Schools like Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Auburn, Ole Miss, Missouri, Florida and Tennessee will all welcome the idea of having the Longhorns and Sooners join their fray, making their bids to recruits for playing in their schools that much stronger, given the higher level of competition players will face.

The one school that might have an issue with the move might end up being the Texas A&M Aggies, who have always used the pitch of playing some of the best schools, like Alabama while still playing in Texas as a main hook to get some of the best Texas born recruits to join them.

Could This Mean the End for The Big 12 Conference?

While this wouldn’t be the first time the conference loses a couple of teams to the SEC, with Missouri and Texas A&M leaving the conference in 2012, losing their two biggest schools when it comes to popularity, fan base and recruiting powers could seriously hurt the Big 12 Conference moving forward.

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